Ministries at AFM Sydney

AFM Sydney Assembly has various ministries that meet the needs of target groups within the church. These ministries bring together people according to their age, gender, calling or location in order to meet their specific spiritual needs. This provides a platform where believers minister to the the Lord and to each other in smaller groups.

Ministries provide an opportunity for each member of the church to participate thereby contributing to the functioning of the body of Christ These ministries include Home fellowships , Men's fellowship, Ladies fellowship, Youth fellowship, Children's ministry, Praise and worship among others. Every member of the church falls under either one or more of these ministries and is encouraged to participate. Those who are involved in these ministries can't wait for the next session because the experience is extraordinary. The results that these ministries produce in a believer's life are amazing.

We have several programmes and activities that are carefully designed for each ministry to enhance effectiveness. There are people who think church is not exciting but you will tell a different story after you have been involved in these ministries. Watch out for special activities that are lined up for this year to take you to the next level. To those who are involved, keep the fire burning and to those who are not involved, there is no better time to catch up with others than this time.